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With Hand Luggage Only you can see dramatic landscapes, beautiful scenery and spend time with people from around the world – that really does enlighten us!

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I tako… tema blogeri. I to ne bilo koji blogeri – turist blogeri. Da, oni su specifični, ima ih na gomile pa je bilo teško izdvojiti one koje bismo intervjuirali. Pa smo se bacili na traženje – i našli. Oni ‘operiraju’ pod nazivom Hand Luggage Only (http:/handluggageonly.co.uk), a zapravo su punim imenom i prezimenom Gavin Lloyd Griffiths i Oluwasegun Yahaya Onalaja- Aliu, skraćeno Yaya.

Našli smo ih, kontaktirali i intervjuirali. Prenosimo njihov intervju u ‘sirovom’ obliku jer, kao takav, najbolje prenosi njihovu vibru i blogerski duh. Upoznajmo ih…

Who’s Yaya and who’s Lloyd?
Hey! Okay, so we both love to think of ourselves as dance ninja’s and advid travellers that LOVE exploring the world. Yaya’s got a thing for really good cake, salted caramel and beautiful places. Lloyd’s a total chocolate fiend and loves to explore anywhere and everyhere!

As I’ve seen on your site, your whole blogging story started as a mere ‘relax’ thing, as a platform to share travel stories with likethinking people. Did you ever think that it would grow up to this level you’re on now?
We started our blog, Hand Luggage Only, while at Universtiy in Cambridge. We had loads of assignments and we wanted an escape from the hard graft of writing up our research. Hand Luggage Only was set up as we really love travel, it’s our passion and the perfect distraction from all those university assignments.

We started Hand Luggage Only as a place where we could share all our experiences. We’d already traveled quite frequently before starting our blog and it became a natural place for us to share our experiences. We never thought in our wildest dreams that we’d be able to share stories and connect with so many people and friends in the way that we do now. It’s a dream come true!

Looking back, was all of this an ordeal?
Never. We’ve honestly loved every aspect of blogging and creating Hand Luggage Only as a place for likeminded people to share, discover and interact with each other, it really is our passion! Although certain time frames and being busy can be tough, it’s never bad. We’re firm believers that if you truly enjoy something, it will never be an ordeal.

We’re firm believers that if you truly enjoy something, it will never be an ordeal.


If we talk in numbers, how successful are you?
It can be quite hard to quantify success as you never really feel ‘successful’ yourself. In so many ways, success is relative and very personal to every person. If we do talk numbers, like you asked, we currently have around 530,000 fellow travellers that follow our journey on social media platforms while also receiving over 5,400,000 million views on our site per year.

This is currently changing very quickly so we imagine that if you asked us in 2 months we’d be telling you another high number too.

At the moment we are usually travelling about 4-5 times a month.

How long did it took you to get this kind of results?
We’ve been running Hand Luggage Only for two years, we started in April 2014.

Is blogging profitable in the UK?
Being a blogger is still a new business model in so many ways, there are most definitely ways to make your blog profitable, especially in the UK. Most brands understand the value and au- thenticity that many bloggers have, so it can be a natural fit to sometimes showcase particular things you (and your readers) might like.

What about collaboration with tourist kind of companies (tourist boards)? Do you collaborate with them a lot or not that much?
We do work with tourism boards to showcase some areas of the world that we’ve yet to showcase, or new experiences that we really

Being a blogger is still a new business model in so many ways, there are most definitely ways to make your blog profitable, especially in the UK.

want to share with our readers. There are quite a few opportunities that come from various tourist boards and international brands – it just depends on if it works, first and foremost, for the reader that will be seeing your trip.

Who are your favorite travel bloggers (worldwide)? Who do you follow?
We have so many bloggers that we love, it is honestly hard to pin point one particular person alone. We do love Shini from Park & Cube – she is a fashion blogger based in London that always has lovely photography, beautiful style and great features.


Between the two of you two, who is a ‘writing soul’ and who is a ‘visual soul’?
Haha! This changes day by day – it really does depend on where we are in the world, the inspiration we have and what we’re excited about in any given moment. We tend to love both, with each of us having our own identity and visuals that often gives us different perspectives to share.

You’ve been to Croatia. Your thoughts, please…
We LOVE Croatia, it’s one of our favourite European countries! There’s so much diversity across the country, from the beautiful islands, mountainous inland and friendly people.

Now, seriously, what DON’T you like about Croatia? Don’t be shy, we can take it…
Honestly, we had such an amazing time when we visited Croatia – we were so excited and it was so action packed! It’s really hard to find something we don’t like.


It’s a silly thing but we’ve been wondering… What’s your favorite destination?
One of our recent destinations actually, The Faroe Islands (just in between Scotland and Iceland). The whole country is so dramatic, very beautiful and so untouched by man. We managed to see some of the best sights we’ve ever seen… though, we need to go back to see the Northern Lights again soon!

What would you say, how many days a year you’re away on some trip to somewhere?
At the moment we are usually travelling about 4-5 times a month. We’re very busy and although London is our home, we’ve only been in London under 10 days in the last 2 months, with so many more trips planned for this year!

What’s THE BEST thing about travelling? People, sights, culture, food…?
It has to be the people and sights! Seeing dramatic landscapes, beautiful scenery and spending time with people from around the world really does enlighten us! We’ve learned so much from the people we’ve met and we’re so happy that we were able to explore new places with their tips.


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